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2023 Holiday Gift Guides

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Official Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, now may be the perfect time to start looking for gifts for your little ones. Whether you are family or friend, these guides will help you find gifts that support children's development. 

Here are the in's and out's of what to look for in a toy:
When looking for toys, you want to look for open-ended toys. Basically, you want toys that make your child work harder than the toy.  Kids learn best through play, and these open-ended toys allow children to be creative, problem solve, imagine, and learn new skills. 
Open-ended toys allow our children to practice independent play, which is an incredibly important and useful skill, especially for parents! :-)

I have attempted to list toys that will grow with your child. Toys can be expensive and can clutter your home, so you want to be thoughtful with your toy purchases. You want to buy toys that will last for years and can be repurposed as your child gets older. Each toy is listed in the age range where it is appropriate to use, but some can be used for older or younger ages, so check out all of the lists for toy inspiration.  

Click below for Holiday Gift Guides:
0-3 Month Gift Guide
4-6 Month Gift Guide
7-9 Month Gift Guide
10-12 Month Gift Guide
13-18 Month Gift Guide
19-24 Month Gift Guide
2-3 Years Gift Guide
3-4 Years Gift Guide
4-5 Years Gift Guide
5+ Years Gift Guide

Happy Holidays and Happy shopping!! 

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