Holiday Gifts for Kids 5+ Years Old


Stomp Rocket: 

Stomp Rocket
Stomp Rockets are such a fun toy! They are great for gross motor strength and endless fun! 


This is a fun activity that works on hand-eye coordination, communication skills and gross motor skills. There are fast birdies and slow birdies so this game can grow with your child. 
Perler Beads:

Perler Beads
I am sure many of you remember these from you were a child and guess what? They are still cool and fun! Perler beads also work on fine motor skills, visual motor skills and eye-hand skills.



This is a great game for your kids. It works on simple strategy, counting and math skills and in-hand manipulation skills. 

DIY Lava Lamp:

DIY Lava Lamp
This is such a fun sensory activity. Doing the activity targets their fine motor, cognitive and sensory skills. Then you can create a lava lamp for your child to use when they want to relax! 

Hammock Pod:

Hammock Pod
This is a great swing for your child to relax and play in. It can be hung inside or outside. They will use this for years! 

Spot It:

Spot It                                                 
This is a fun fast paced game that works on game playing skills, visual motor skills, ocular motor skills and cognition. It's a small game so it is great to travel with. 

Smart Farmer Board Game: 

Smart Farm Board Game

This is a great logic based game that works on your child's cognition, problem solving, flexible thinking, concentration and visual insights. There are 4 different levels of the game so it will grow with your child. 


This is a fun game that can entertain the entire family for hours! It targets higher level communication and cognition and provides endless laughs! 

Jarod Magnetic Game of Emotions and Feelings for Children: 

Jarod Magnetic Game
This is a fantastic game to address social-emotional and emotional intelligence skills with your child. It give examples of situations and then you and your child can discuss how it might make them feel or they can identify the emotions on the people's faces. 

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