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About Me.
Lauren Cunningham, MS, CCC-SLP

Lauren Cunningham, MS, CCC-SLP is a licensed speech-language pathologist working in the greater Dallas and surrounding areas. She finds true passion in helping little ones achieve independence, support language and communication skills as children explore their everyday world, develop social/emotional/linguistic skills, progress in their feeding milestones, and meet their individualized goals. A “kid at heart” herself, Lauren is able to engage children of all ages through structured imaginative play tasks to teach a plethora of communicative, linguistic, social, feeding, and literacy skills in a motivating and creative ways.

Lauren has experience in a variety of pediatric settings, including home health, outpatient, and acute care settings. She has experience working with children who have expressive and receptive language delays, speech and articulation disorders, communication deficits, feeding/swallowing difficulties, learning difficulties, reading or reading comprehension challenges, cognitive-linguistic difficulties, and social language challenges. Lauren additionally enjoys educating parents on ways to elicit communication at an early age to facilitate success in everyday activities and promote increased understanding of language and expression.


In her free time, Lauren enjoys hanging out with her family and her nephews, traveling, and cooking!

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