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What We Offer

Eat.Play.Move. offers a variety of consultative services, trainings, ongoing services and classes. Please see below for more details. 

There's no more need to "Google that"! Eat.Play.Move. offers virtual developmental wellness checks to educate parents on some of the biggest motor, sensory, and feeding questions they have, while also providing unique activities to do with your child. Wellness visit are meant to educate parents and are not traditional occupational therapy visits. 

We also offer occupational therapy consultations and visits for families seeking a more unique and personalized plan. During these face to face consults and visits, I will observe your child, play with your child, and ask questions to better understand the family's concern. We will then work together to create a unique plan for your child and you will be given at home activities to complete to ensure your child's success. 

We offer a diverse array of classes for children and parents/caregivers. These developmental classes provide essential foundational skills for future learning and overall development. The classes focus on motor, play, and cognitive development.

Eat.Play.Move. also gives childcare facilities and schools the opportunity to provide their staff with on-site training on chosen topics of interest. Some training themes include: Sensory Integration, Motor Development, Overall Development, Kindergarten Readiness, Equipment recommendations, and many more!  

Mother and Daughter

These wellness checks are NOT occupational therapy services. They are ways to educate parents, answer developmental questions, and provide activities and play ideas to assist with their child's development. 

Click here to inquire about Virtual Wellness Developmental checks

Occupational therapy is provided to children in their own home to help with a variety of topics, including motor development, sensory integration, feeding therapy, Kindergarten readiness, handwriting, and much more.

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Girl Coloring
Moms and Babies

We provide a variety of parent and child classes that focus on how to play with your baby, motor skill development, sensory exploration, and feeding skills. Please check here for the most up to date schedule. 

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