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What is Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational therapy focuses on helping children develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual motor skills, and sensory motor skills. It aims to improve children's daily occupations such as playing, learning, socializing, feeding, handwriting, and other developmental milestones.


Occupational therapists work with children and their families to help them succeed in these important activities throughout the day. They help with basic challenges faced by most families, from creating morning routines to choosing appropriate toys to addressing feeding difficulties. 

Who should sign up for an OT visit?

Families who are seeking in-person visits should sign up for an OT consultation. 

During a consultation, I will spend time with your little one, watch them play, and ask the family questions. We will then create a unique plan tailored specifically to your child and their developmental needs. 

You should seek an in-person consultation if your child is displaying any of the following:

- Feeding difficulties

- Flat head/Torticollis

- Delayed gross motor skills

- Delayed fine motor skills

- Visual Motor difficulties 

- Difficulty with transitions or routines

- Sensory difficulties

- Handwriting difficulties

Toddler Playing
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