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What is a virtual visit?

A virtual wellness consult is for families in the DFW area or anywhere! We will use either Zoom or GoogleMeeting and the visit will last about an hour. 

These visits are educational in nature. They are meant for families who need a little extra help in a certain area, or have some developmental questions they want answered. 

It is important to note that wellness visits are meant to educate parents and are not traditional occupational therapy appointments. 

Who should sign up for a wellness visit?

You should sign up for a wellness visit to discuss: 

- Starting Solids

- Meal Ideas

- Cup, Spoon, Utensil suggestions

- Mealtime stresses

- Food throwing 

- Picky eating

- Developmental Questions

- Flat head

- Rolling

- Crawling

- Walking

- Tantrums

- Language development

- Forming a routine/schedule

- Sensory Questions

- Sensory regulation activities 


Happy Mother with her Child
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