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Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-3 Months


Baby Gym: 

Skip Hop Play Gym                                                   
This is my favorite baby gym because it will grow with your baby. They can use it during tummy time, on their backs, and also as sitters and crawlers! 

Tummy Time Motivator:

Tummy Time Cards and Mirrors
Tummy time is so important even at this young age. The black and white cards are intriguing for babies to look at and as they grow they will love seeing their faces in the mirror during tummy time! 

Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion:


Now this is a pricier item, but you must think of this as a swing or bouncer seat alternative. It is a way for your baby to be soothed in tummy time! It can attach to your bouncer or rocker or be used flat on the floor. 

Baby Paper:

Baby Paper
A crinkle toy is always a fun sensory experience for your baby. This is light weight enough that your baby will be able to grasp and move it around. The fun sound will be very motivating for your little one! 

Toy Arch:

Toy Arch
This toy arch is a great on-the-go toy! This toy keeps babies entertained and can catch their attention in their stroller, carseat, or bouncer seat.  

Winkle Rattle:

Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle:

This is a great first rattle. It has bright colors so is very engaging and is light weight so it is easy to hold. Your baby can even use it as a teether! 

Penguin Teether:

Penguin Teether

This is a great teether because it is easy for your little one to hold and the sides have nipple shaped arms for your baby to suck and chew on. 

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