Holiday Gifts for Babies 0-3 Months


Baby Gym: 









Fisher Price Kick N' Play Piano Gym                                                     Infantino 4-in-1 Jumbo Baby Activity Gym & Ball Pit


These are my 2 favorite baby gyms because they will grow with your baby. They can use them during tummy time, on their backs, and also as sitters and crawlers! 

Tummy Time Motivators:

Giantsuper Tummy Time Playboard               Bright Stars Sit and See Floor Mirror                             Black and White Art Cards                                     Infantino Water Mat

These 4 toys are great tummy time and side-lying motivators. They encourage your baby to lift their head to look at the items. High contrast items, such as black and white cards, are essential for newborns as their vision isn't fully developed yet. 







Manhattan Toy Links To-Go

Links are incredibly useful for hanging objects on your baby gym, stroller, or carseat. Babies also love to hold these links and explore them. 












O-Balls will be one of the first objects that your baby will be able to hold. It is a great toy that works on fine motor skills and will grow with your baby.

Musical Toy:









Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Toy

A pull musical toy is always a fun sensory experience for your baby. It allows your baby to experience sound, vibrations, and to look at a brightly colored toy. You can hang it from the carseat or stroller when you are on the go. 

Freddie the Firefly:

Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly is a great first friend! This toy's bright colors are very engaging. Its crinkle wings allows babies to kick or touch the wings to create fun sounds. This toy keeps babies entertained and can catch their attention. 


          First Years First Rattle                                                 Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle

Rattles are fun for babies because they make a fun sound! Babies love to explore rattles, especially like the ones listed above, because they are easy to hold and can also be used as a teether.


Hand Puppets

Puppets are a fun way to expose your newborn to dynamic images and your voice! Use your creativity with your baby. Watch how your baby responds to the puppets when they are close and far away, and see how they respond to your voice. This toy is also great because it grows with your baby. Soon they will be using the hand puppets for pretend play!







See and Say Board Book

A list is not complete without books. Reading is a wonderful way allow your baby to hear your voice and to look at pictures. Books are a great way to facilitate language and cognitive development. 

Wobble Toy: 


HABA Roly Poly Giraffe

This toy is a great tummy time motivator and it teaches basic cause and effect! It is great for both motor and cognitive development. 

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