Holiday Gifts for Kids 4-5 Years Old



These are great yoga cards for your child to participate in an active activity. Yoga helps your child with their gross motor skills, balance, coordination, breath, and social emotional skills. 


Joystar Bike                                                                      
This is a great bike that can grow with your child. The height is adjustable and the training wheels can be removed when your child is ready. 

Fort Builder:

Fort Builder
Building forts is so fun and the configurations are endless! This toy targets your child's fine motor strength, problem solving skills, building skills and cognition. It can be used during pretend play, as a reading nook or something else, the ideas are endless! 

Picasso Tiles Marble Run:
Picasso Tiles Marble Run 
This is a great addition to your Magnatiles collection (from a previous list). This set allows you to build a course to roll a marble down. The problem solving and cognition this targets is awesome, not to mention the eye-hand coordination required. And it can connect to your Magnatiles too! 

Outdoor Mud Kitchen:

Outdoor Mud Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are SO fun! They allow your child to get messy while outside and target their tactile sensory system. It is also great for pretend play skills! 

Kinetic Sand Scents:

Kinetic Sand Scents
What could be better than ice cream scented Kinetic Sand? This is such a fun toy for your little one. This targets their sensory system, pretend play and fine motor skills. 

Letter and Number Practice:

Kid Made Modern First Letters and Numbers                                                                 
Practicing letters and numbers is very important, but children often learn best not through writing them, but by creating them. This allows them to truly understand how to form the letters and numbers. A great pre-writing activity! 

Floor Puzzle: 

Floor Puzzle
Floor puzzles are so much fun. They target cognition, problem solving and motor skills. You can also add them into obstacle courses for even more active fun! 

Dress Up Clothes:

Dess Up Clothes
Dress up clothes add an entire new dimension to pretend play. Using these makes pretend play even more fun! 

Puppet Theater: 

Puppet Theater
Dust off those puppets from the baby stage and let your kids create a show! This dramatic play is great for language development, planning and emotional intelligence. 

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