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Holiday Gifts for Kids 4-5 Years Old


Trace Table: 

Trace Table
This table lights up so that you can trace images. It allows your child to create their own coloring pages or more intricate pictures. 


Joystar Bike                                                                      
This is a great bike that can grow with your child. The height is adjustable and the training wheels can be removed when your child is ready. 

Fort Builder:

Fort Builder
Building forts is so fun and the configurations are endless! This toy targets your child's fine motor strength, problem solving skills, building skills and cognition. It can be used during pretend play, as a reading nook or something else, the ideas are endless! 

Mosaic Sticker Activity:

Mosaic Sticker Activity 
This activity is a great travel activity that works on color and number mathcing, fine motor skills and visual motor skills. 

Wiggle Writer:

Wiggle Writer
This is such a fun toy that encourages handwriting and drawing for kids who are less motivated by table top activities. It is a great sensory toy also to bring awareness to your kids hands. 

Lite Brite:

Lite Brite
What an oldie, but a goodie! This works on hand strength, visual spatial skills and is so fun!

Cake N' Bake Challenge:

Cake N' Bake Challenge                                                               
This is a fun new game that hit the market this year! It works on color matching, finger dexterity, sequencing, and speed.  There are also 3 levels to play this game so the game can grow with your child and family. 

Foil Art: 

Foil Art
Foil art is so fun and can keep your child entertained for a while! They can create and imagine unlimited amount of scenes to create and it works on fine motor skills and hand strength! 

Dress Up Clothes:

Dess Up Clothes
Dress up clothes add an entire new dimension to pretend play. Using these makes pretend play even more fun! 

Yeti In My Spaghetti: 

Yeti In My Spaghetti
This game is similar to Pick Up Sticks, but kids find a Yeti hilarious. It works on hand-eye coordination, turn taking, and finger dexterity 

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