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Holiday Gifts for Babies 19-24 Months


Farmers Market Color Sorting Set: 

Farmers Market Color Sorting Set
This is a toy with endless possibilities. It can be used to work on color identification, sorting, patterns, or you can use the food during pretend play. Using tongs to pick up the food works on strengthening their hands. 

Building Toys:

                               Magnatiles                                                               Duplos                                                                        
Building toys such as Duplos or Magnatiles work on problem solving, visual spatial reasoning, creativity, and pretend play. This will be a toy your child will use for years. 

Pretend Play Toys:

Dust! Sweep! Mop!
Your toddler will love to imitate your everyday activities. This cleaning set is a great way for them to build their confidence and pretend play skills. 

This is a fun puzzle because it is a puzzle and a game! Puzzles work on visual motor skills, problem solving, and cognitive development. 

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog:

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog
Spike is a fun activity that encourages eye-hand coordination, color identification, cognitive development, and fine motor skills. 

Sit and Spin:

Sit and Spin                                                                                 
These are great toys for active and adventure seeking toddlers. It encourages coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. Spinning can also sometimes have a calming affect on your toddler.

Writing Tablet:

LCD Writing Tablet
This is my #1 diaper bag toy. The options and opportunities are endless with this writing tablet and your kids will love that with a push of a button it disappears! 

Play and Learn Cube: 

Play and Learn Cube
This is a great first game! It focuses on color recognition, following directions, and turn taking.


Trampoline is a fun and active toy for your little one that is also an indoor activity. Jumping on a trampoline can improve sensory regulation, coordination, and strength.  


                      Small Easel                                                        Large Easel
Easels are a great toy to encourage fine motor development and pre-writing skills. The magnetic board comes with objects to put on the board to encourage cognitive development and language development. 

Pull A Long Frog:

Pull A Long Frog
This toy is great for early walkers. It is promotes hand-eye coordination, balance, dexterity, and gross motor skills.   

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