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Holiday Gifts for Babies 10-12 Months



A tunnel is such a fun and active toy for your baby. It encourages crawling, exploration and a great sensory experience. It folds up and is easy to store so it doesn't take over a room. This is something they will use for years to come! 

Simple Puzzles:

Simple Puzzle                                                                     
Puzzles are one of my favorite toys for kids. It works on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, problem solving, and cognition. Having puzzles with knobs help babies refine their fine motor skills and grasp patterns. 

Inny Bin:


Fat Brain: Inny Bin                                             
This is such a fun toy for your little one and the play ideas are endless. It encourages fine motor skills, tactile exploration, and problem solving.

Scoop 'n Scoot Ice Cream Walker                                Radio Flyer Wagon
This is a great gross motor toy that will help encourage standing and walking for babies who are ready for that next gross motor milestone. These also will continue to be a favorite toy for years to come with the endless pretend play opportunities. 


This is a toy that your child will enjoy for years. The learning opportunities are endless! They are so fun to push onto and pull off vertical surfaces around your house, which works on fine motor skills. 

Baby Doll:


Baby Doll 
A baby doll is a great gift that will grow with your little one. It is a great tool for pretend play, role playing, empathy, and comfort. 

Peek A Boo Learning Farm:

Peek A Boo Learning Farm
I use these in every single one of my classes. This toy will grow with your child for years! They will love opening and closing the boxes, finding the animals, learning what sound the animals make, etc. This toy encourages visual motor skills, hand strength, creativity, and curiosity, just to name a few. 

Spin Again Stacking Toy: 

Fat Brain Spin Again Stacking Toy
This toy is very engaging for kids because of its bright colors. It works on eye-hand coordination and cause and effect learning. You can place the rod on the flat side of the base or the wobbly side for an added challenge. It also comes in a mini version for traveling. 

Ride on Toy:

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike
Balance bikes are my favorite ride on toy because they encourage balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. This bike is a great starter bike for your child! 

Poke A Dot Book:

Poke A Dot Book                                          
This book is a great way to work on finger isolation and pointing skills and eye-hand coordination. They make many different versions of this book and a travel version as well. It can keep your baby busy, which is what we wish from every toy! 
Kids Couch:


Kids Couch
This is a lot of fun for your little one. They enjoy picking up large items. It encourages independent play, gross motor skills, strength and coordination. They will love to knock these down just as much as they will love to build with them! 

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