Holiday Gifts for Babies 10-12 Months


Baby Doll: 





Baby Stella

Baby Stella is my favorite first baby doll for children. It is soft and has fun accessories to encourage pretend play. It also has a wide variety of hair and skin colors. 

Small Knob Puzzles:

Small Knob Puzzles                                                                      

Puzzles are one of my favorite toys for kids. It works on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, problem solving, and cognition. Having puzzles with smaller pegs helps babies refine their fine motor skills and grasp patterns. 

Ball Pit:






              Ball Pit                                              Bag of Balls

I mean who doesn't want their own personal ball pit?! Ball pits are so fun and provide a great sensory and gross motor experience for kids. 







V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker                         Radio Flyer Wagon

This is a great gross motor toy that will help encourage standing and walking for babies who are ready for that next gross motor milestone. 







This is a toy that your child will enjoy for years. The learning opportunities are endless! They are so fun to push onto and pull off vertical surfaces around your house, which works on fine motor skills. 

Activity Table:


Manhattan Toy Tree Top Activity Center

This activity center is great for babies who love to stand. It helps work on their gross and fine motor skills, and is very engaging for our soon-to-be toddlers.  


Shake Me Ball

As our little ones become more mobile they will enjoy throwing, rolling, shaking, and kicking this ball. It encourages balance, coordination, and bilateral fine motor skills. 

Spin Again Stacking Toy: 


Fat Brain Spin Again Stacking Toy

This toy is very engaging for kids because of its bright colors. It works on eye-hand coordination and cause and effect learning. You can place the rod on the flat side of the base or the wobbly side for an added challenge. It also comes in a mini version for traveling. 

Ride on Toy:

Fawn Toys 3-in-1

Balance bikes are my favorite ride on toy because they encourage balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. This bike can grow with your child and becomes a tricycle and then a scooter. I love a toy that can last for years! 

Piggy Bank:

Fisher Price Piggy Bank                                           

Piggy Banks are a great way to work on fine motor skills, opening and closing containers, and eye-hand coordination. You can also begin to introduce colors and numbers with this toy. 



Water Table:




Water Table

I know that you must be thinking, why would I get my child a water table, it's cold outside? Don't be fooled by the name! While it is very fun to fill this with water during the warmer months, you can fill it with sand, rice, pasta, or nothing at all when it's cold outside! This table provides a great sensory experience for our little ones. 

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