Holiday Gifts for Babies 13-18 Months


Farm Animals: 





Peekaboo Learning Farm

This is such a fun toy. Toddlers can work on opening and closing containers, making animal sounds, pretend play, and color identification. This toy creates so many play options for toddlers. 

Car Ramp:

Car Ramp                                                                    

Car ramps are a fun toy for toddlers.  Toddlers love repetition, and this is a perfect toy for that. It also works on eye-hand coordination and cognitive cause and effect. 

Play Kitchen:






Play Kitchen

Play Kitchens are a fun toy that your toddler will use for years. It helps develop pretend play skills, cognition, and fine motor skills. 

Mess Free Coloring:






                                    Aquadoodle                                                                                 Magnadoodle

Aquadoodles and Magnadoodles are a fun first coloring activity. They help develop fine motor and pre-writing skills. They also make travel sets that are great for trips. 

Wooden Stacking Toy:





Wooden Stacking Toy

This toy is great for fine motor and visual motor skills. It also encourages problem solving skills. It's a great way to introduce shapes and colors to your toddler.  

Radio Flyer 4 in 1:


Radio Flyer 4 in 1

This is a fun upgrade from your stroller and it will grow with your child until they are 5 years old! 

Climbing Toys:

                                Slide                                                                                            Indoor Climbing Cushions

Toddlers loves to climb and these 2 toys help encourage climbing skills!  

Busy Boards: 


              Alligator Busy Board                                                Busy Board 

Busy Boards are so fun and the play schemes are endless! Busy Boards really live up to their name and will keep your toddler busy. They will love to discover all the fun things to do on the board. If you want, you can also make your own Busy Board!

Pull Toy:

Pull Along Duck

As your toddler starts to walk, they will love to pull toys along with them. This toy encourages independent steps, balance, and coordination. 

Sorting Carrots:

Sorting Carrots

This is a great toy to encourage learning sizes, and improve dexterity and eye-hand coordination. 

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