Holiday Gifts for Kids 3-4 Years Old


Jump N' Toss Game: 

Jump N' Toss Game
This is a fun active toy that can be for indoor or outdoor use. It is a ring toss game and also a jumping over a stick game. It provides lots of active fun!  

Pogo Stick:

Pogo Stick                                                                      
This toy is pretty self explanatory and your child will be jumping for days! It builds core strength, balance and coordination. 

Construct and Play:

Dinosaur Construct and Play
There are lots of different construct and play toys out there so if your child isn't into Dinosaurs just look around for a different theme. This toy is so much fun and builds their problem solving skills, cognition and fine motor skills. 

Hungry Hungry Hippos:

Hungry Hungry Hippos
This is a fun game that builds hand strength for pre-writing skills. 

Outdoor Excavator:

Outdoor Excavator
Remember to look at all the lists and you will find a sandbox to go with this excavator. This toy will be such a fun addition to your sandbox or you can bring it to the beach! 

Crazy Aaron’s Hide and Seek Thinking Putty:

Crazy Aaron’s Hide and Seek Thinking Putty
This putty is so much fun and will provide your child with a fun sensory experience. There are so many fun themes to choose from too! This will build your child's attention and fine motor skills. 

Numbers Magnetic Maze:

Numbers Magnetic Maze                                                                    
Magnetic Mazes are a great travel toy for the plane or car. This one works on number identification too! Magnetic Mazes work on pencil grasp, visual motor skills and cognition. 

Hoot Owl Hoot: 

Hoot Owl Hoot
This is a fun game that works on color identification, matching, turn taking, simple strategy and following directions. There are 2 levels for this game so it can grow with your child. 

Vet Set:

Vet Set
This is a great pretend play set. You can also use it as a doctors set too. It provides endless hours of play and play ideas while teaching empathy and how to care for animals. 

Bulls Eye Game: 

Bulls Eye Game
This is a fast-paced matching game that is entertaining and fun. It works on your child's visual motor skills, cognition and game playing skills. 

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