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Holiday Gifts for Babies 7-9 Months


Tissue Box Toy: 

Tissue Box Toy
This toy encourages fine motor skills, as well as object permanence. It is also so much fun and the tissues are great for Peek-A-Boo!

Personalized Book:

 Personalized Book                                                                      
This is a great gift for babies, especially if they have lots of out of town loved ones. It is a book you fill with pictures of meaningful people in their lives so they can look at them often. 

Stacking Cups:

Stacking Cups
These large stacking cups provide endless play opportunities for your baby. They can stack them to make a tower and then knock it down working on the idea of cause and effect. They can place them within each other or they can fill the buckets with other toys. This toy will grow with your baby for years. 

Press and Stay Sensory Blocks:
Press and Stay Sensory Blocks
Your little inspector will love this toy. This is a fun tactile toy for your baby to work on their fine motor skills, visual motor skills and stacking skills. As they grow, this toy with continue to engage them as they can start to engage in pretend play. 

Rattle and Roll Buggie:

Rattle and Rolle Buggie
This toy is a great crawling motivator. It also is light and easy for your child to pick up and push themselves. You can even engages in some reciprocal rolling play with it! 

Activity Cube:

Activity Cube
Activity cubes encourage tummy time, or allow them to play on their hands and knees or in a sitting position, which are developmental gross motor positions that you want to encourage. 

Click Clack Ball:

Click Clack Ball
This toy is so fun! It encourages fine motor skills, problem solving, and cause and effect. 

Making Faces Book: 

Making Faces Book

This book is engaging for babies because it has pictures of real babies. It is also a great  first book about emotions. This book is great for your baby's social emotional skills, cognition and language. 

Finger Paint:

Finger Paint
While I know this may not be your favorite activity finger painting is a fantastic sensory experience for your child. It also helps develop their fine motor skills and cognition. This finger paint is non-toxic and made from veggies! If the mess is too much, you could always put some paint in a Ziploc bag and let them run their fingers around the top of the bag. 

Rody the Bounce Horse and Base:

              Rody the Bounce Horse                                                Rocking Base
Rody is a great toy that encourages gross motor development, core strength, balance, and coordination. For babies who are younger, I encourage you to get the rocking base and, once they get a bit older, you can remove it.


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