Holiday Gifts for Babies 7-9 Months


Ball Drop Toy: 

 Ball Drop
This toy encourages the active release of your baby's hands, as well as object permanence. 

Personalized Book:

 Personalized Book                                                                      
This is a great gift for babies, especially if they have lots of out of town loved ones. It is a book you fill with pictures of meaningful people in their lives so they can look at them often. 

Flap Books:

Where is Baby's Belly Button?                             Dear Zoo                           Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
These books help babies with their fine motor skills. Babies are also starting to understand object permanence at this age, which makes hide and seek particularly engaging. 

Peek-A-Boo Fish:
Peek-A-Boo Fish
Your little inspector will love this toy. They will enjoy flipping the fish's scales over to see what is hiding. This works on fine motor skills and cognition as they are playing. 

Large Knob Puzzle:

Large Knob Puzzle
These are great for your baby's first puzzle. The knobs are easy to grasp so your baby will be able to pull the puzzle pieces out and put them back in. This is great for cognitive and fine motor development. 

Activity Cube:

Activity Cube
Activity cubes encourage tummy time, or allow them to play on their hands and knees or in a sitting position, which are developmental gross motor positions that you want to encourage. 

Pop-Up Toy:

 Pop-Up Toy
These toys are so fun! They encourage fine motor skills, problem solving, and cause and effect. 


Using a tunnel is one of my favorite ways to encourage crawling, a very important motor skill at this age. 


Outdoor Swing
An outdoor swing provides a wonderful sensory experience for your baby. Swinging targets your baby's vestibular system, which provides a great sensory experience for your child. 

Rody the Bounce Horse and Base:

              Rody the Bounce Horse                                                Rocking Base
Rody is a great toy that encourages gross motor development, core strength, balance, and coordination. For babies who are younger, I encourage you to get the rocking base and, once they get a bit older, you can remove it.


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