Holiday Gifts for Babies 4-6 Months


Hand and Foot Rattles: 

                          Hand and Foot Rattles
These promote sense development and encourage arm and leg movements. It is very fun to watch your baby wiggle their hands or feet with control while producing sounds!

Touch and Feel Books:

               That's Not My Puppy                                                                          Never Touch a Dinosaur
Touch and Feel books are engaging to children at this age and allow them to explore with their tactile sense during reading time. 

Sassy Wonder Wheel:

Sassy Wonder Wheel
This visually stimulating toy will grab your child's attention and keep them engaged. It will encourage them to reach and bat, which strengthens their eye-hand coordination. The suction base makes this the perfect restaurant toy! 

Ball Pit:
Ball Pit
I mean who doesn't want their own personal ball pit?! Ball pits are so fun and provide a great sensory and gross motor experience for kids. 

Sit Me Up Floor Seat:


Sit Me Up Floor Seat
If you are going to use a baby container, get this one! This puts your baby in the optimal sitting position, unlike many of the other sitting devices on the market. 

Baby Sign Book:

Baby Sign Book
Babies will be able to sign a word before they are able to say a word. This is why teaching baby signs is helpful and allows your baby to communicate when they are younger. 


  Infantino Vibrating Teether                                     Comotomo Teether                                                 Sweetooth Baby Teether
Every baby needs teethers, and they are not all created equal! These are some of my favorites. 


My First Years Rattle
This rattle is one of my favorites. It is lightweight and soft, making it easy for your little one to grab and shake. Rattles help with grasp and basic sound cause and effect. 

Shape Sorter:

Shape Sorter
While I don't expect babies this age to be able to do this, it is a fun way to introduce different shapes and the idea of dropping things into a container and taking them out. 

Toy Cars:

Melissa and Doug Pull Back Cars
Toy cars are such a fun addition at this age. At first, your baby will watch you move the car around, working on their visual and tracking skills. Then, as they grow, they will be able to move the car themselves, which works on their motor skills. Cars will last for years as a favorite toy.
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