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Holiday Gifts for Babies 4-6 Months


Slumber Buddies: 

Swaddle Me Slumber Buddies
While these are advertised to use as sleep agents, I personally like to use these as an added sensory experience for your little one. This can be used as a calming activity during those bewitching hours. 

Penguin Musical Wobbler:

Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler                                                                   
This is a great tummy time motivator toy. It also teaches cause and effect and helps your baby learn to reach out in tummy time or sitting.  

Whirly Squigz:

Whirly Squigz
This visually stimulating toy will grab your child's attention and keep them engaged. It will encourage them to reach and bat, which strengthens their eye-hand coordination. The suction base makes this the perfect restaurant or travel toy! 

Edushape Rainmaker:
Another great tummy time motivator and early sitting toy. Your child will be able to hold this and turn it around, but you can also roll it to your child and your child can reach for it and roll it back to you! 

Upseat Baby Floor Seat:


Upseat Baby Floor Seat
If you've been with me for a while then you know how I feel about baby containers, however, I am realistic and I know how important they are for parents in their day to day life. So... if you are looking for a seat then this is the right one! This puts your baby in the optimal sitting position, unlike many of the other sitting devices on the market. 

Musical Caterpillar:

Musical Caterpillar
This oversized toy is so fun! It gives your child so much to explore. It is a stimulating toy that they can use for many months in many different ways.


EZ Grip Star Teether                                    Comotomo Teether                                                 
Every baby needs teethers, and they are not all created equal! These are some of my favorites. 


Peek A Woo
There are so many great books out there and at this age babies start to show interest in books. This book is a fun book with animals and will keep your child entertained until the end. 

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