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Holiday Gifts for Kids 2-3 Year Olds


Play Sink: 

Play Sink
This is a fun toy to encourage bilateral fine motor skills and pretend play. It will entertain your child and teach them new skills. 

Flower Garden:

Flower Garden                                                                      
This is a fun activity that works on hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. It allows kids to match, sort, and build. 

Monkey Around:

Monkey Around
This is a great first game for your toddler. It works on turn taking and basic board game skills, but also allows your child to move during the game. 

Magnetic Monsters:

Magnetic Monsters
This toy provides endless hours of designing monsters. It works on fine motor skills, curiosity, problem solving, and imagination. Your child will love creating fun new monsters.

Sensory Box:

Sensory Box
This Sensory Box is like next level Kinetic Sand. It is a fun activity that encourages creativity, hand strength, and bilateral fine motor skills. It can keep your child entertained for a while! 

Playfoam Pluffle:

Playfoam Pluffle
Who doesn't like cupcakes?! This activity is a great hand strengthener and sensory experience. It also works on sequencing, colors and matching. 

My First Puzzle Set:

My First Puzzle Set                                                                  
Puzzles are a great way for your child to practice their eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. This puzzle set will grow with your child as they are ready for more advanced puzzles


This is truly one of my favorite toys on all the lists. The ideas are endless! You can fill and dump it, walk on it, sit in it, rock in it, spin in it...I could go on, but you get the point. This works on imagination, creativity, gross motor skills and coordination.  

Baby Doll:

Baby Doll
A baby doll is a great gift at this age. It helps foster their pretend play skills, empathy, independent skills, communication, and dressing skills. 

Lobster Claw: 

Lobster Claw
This is a great toy that can be used in a pool, a bath or on land. It works on eye-hand coordination and hand strength. 

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