Holiday Gifts for Kids 2-3 Year Olds


Play Sink: 

Play Sink
This is a fun toy to encourage bilateral fine motor skills and pretend play. It will entertain your child and teach them new skills. 

Flower Garden:

Flower Garden                                                                      
This is a fun activity that works on hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. It allows kids to match, sort, and build. 

Monkey Around:

Monkey Around
This is a great first game for your toddler. It works on turn taking and basic board game skills, but also allows your child to move during the game. 

Take 10! Color Bug Catchers:
Color Bug Catchers
This is another great first game for your toddler. It works on turn taking, hand strength, and matching. You can even buy the handy scoopers in addition to the tweezers for added fun and great pre-scissor skills. 

Sensory Box:

Sensory Box
This Sensory Box is like next level Kinetic Sand. It is a fun activity that encourages creativity, hand strength, and bilateral fine motor skills. It can keep your child entertained for a while! 

Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger Hunt
This is a simple game for your child to play inside the house. It will help build their independence, allow them to move and be active, and work on cognition and problem solving skills. 

Ice Cream Stand:

Ice Cream Stand                                                                    
This Ice Cream and Lemonade stand is a great pretend play structure. It provides unlimited play ideas and can build your child's imagination, creativity and vocabulary skills. 


Eggspressions is a toy to help your child identify emotions, build emotional maturity and develop communication skills. It even comes with an idea book! 

Bubble Lawnmower:

Bubble Lawnmower
This bubble lawnmower is such a fun outdoor toy for when the weather warms up. Your child will love to push it all around the yard and watch the bubbles fly out. 


This is a great sensory and gross motor tool for toddlers. It will keep them entertained and allows them to let out some energy! 

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